iPhone OS 4.0: iPhone iAds Mobile Advertising now Official

Another big thing revealed at Apple’s iPhone OS 4.0 event today was the inclusion of iAds mobile advertising which will be built into the iPhone OS reports an article over on the huffingtonpost.

I reported on iAds previously which you can view (here) but today it got all official with Apple boss, Steve Jobs saying “We have a lot of free or reasonably priced apps… we like that, but our devs have to find ways to make money. So our devs are putting ads into apps, and for lack of a better way to say it, we think most of this kind of advertising sucks.”

According to engadget, Jobs also said…When adverts are on a desktop its usually in search however on a mobile phone that hasn’t happened, search is not happening on phones; people are using apps and this is where the opportunity is to deliver ads.

So basically iPhone OS 4.0 iAds will use adverts inside apps rather than inside search, and Apple also wants to change the quality of mobile ads so they deliver interaction along with emotion.

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