iPhone OS 4.0: New Folders Feature sorts out apps

There’s a nice addition coming to the iPhone with iPhone OS 4.0 and that is the ability to create folders to house your applications and group by type, and you drag and drop your apps into the folder reports an article over on tuaw.

Furthermore you can treat a folder as a unit and move it from screen to screen and even place it into the applications dock if so desired. Grouping all you applications into folders means there should be even more room for extra applications on your iPhone as well.

Obviously for those iPhone users who aren’t really into apps and only have the odd one or two this is not big deal but for the ardent iPhone app collector it gives much more room and a handy way to organise your apps.

Apparently if you make a folder for every of the 180 app positions this should enable your iPhone to now store up to 2,160 applications, so it is a big deal for app fans.


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