iPhone, iPad, Foxconn and Attempted Suicides

Well now we all know just how secretive Apple can be over anything to do with the iPhone and iPad, but is it this ultra secrecy that is driving workers at the manufacturing plant that makes Apple gadgets, Foxconn, to attempt suicide?

According to an article over on The Telegraph, the latest attempted suicide in a run of suicide attempts at Foxconn is an 18 year old girl known only by her surname, Rao and apparently Rao has only worked at Foxconn for a month.

Rao tried to commit suicide by jumping from one of the factories buildings but her fall was broken by a tree but she did incur severe injuries, and Rao is the fourth person to attempt suicide at Foxconn’s Longhua plant in as many weeks.

Apparently Foxconn and the Chinese media have confirmed the incident and have stated that Rao was arguing with her boyfriend beforehand.

Back on March 29th, Liu, a man of 23 jumped out of a window at the Longhua plant; on March 11th, Li, a young man in his twenties jumped to his death at the same plant, and on March 7th, Tian, a female worker at the plant jumped from her dormitory building and sustained injury and said she was under a great deal of pressure.

The first successful suicide at Foxconn was back in July when Sun Danyong jumped to his death after the disappearance of an iPhone prototype.

Now I’m not saying that in any way does Apple, the iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple product have any bearing on these attempted suicides, but it does seem kind of strange that so many are happening and around the time certain products come out don’t you think?

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