T Mobile interested in iPhone 4G along with Verizon

A rather interesting report from the folks over at product-reviews.net via appleinsider.com in relation to T Mobile and the hint of another interested party for the iPhone.

It seems that T Mobile are actually offering customers up to $350 if they wish to trade in their current iPhone in return for an HTC HD2 handset.

This offer is on for a while and isn’t expected to finish until May 19th. It also gives lucky T Mobile customers the rare opportunity to slash a big chunk off of the current asking price for the HTC HD2 Smartphone.

There is a condition though which is quite simply that your iPhone that you are wishing to trade in must be in working order. There are numerous rumours floating around in relation to T Mobile offering the iPhone officially from Apple before the end of the year.

This would lead you to believe that it isn’t just Verizon that are in that queue for the iPhone 4G. Would you be please to see the iPhone available on T Mobile’s network or not let us know what you think.


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