Steve Jobs: How will the App Store change with OS 4.0?

Now here is a couple of very important questions “How will the App Store change with OS 4.0?” and “Discoverability and organization is a problem. How will you improve that?”

Steve Jobs answered saying that the App Store in not part of the new iPhone OS 4, it is basically a service and is programmed mostly on the server side.

Apparently according to Engadget’s live blog Steve said that they can enhance it but without waiting for a major release, yes we can improve it all the time but we have to be careful that the service never comes down, we have a very high uptime.

Moving onto the question about discoverability, Jobs said that they have added Genius but I also see an infrastructure starting to evolve to help people find apps, there will be a lot of building up around and outside the iPhone that are starting to provide some of that recommendation.

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