Video: Samsung Moment Running Android 2.1

The Samsung Moment is going to get an official update to Android 2.1 at some point in the future; however it appears that some hacker simply couldn’t hang around and wait for that time and has apparently hacked an Android 2.1 ROM on the Samsung Moment.

And just so you can see what it looks like we have a video of Android 2.1 on the Samsung Moment for your viewing pleasure courtesy of the guys over at droid dog which can be viewed below and lasts three and a quarter minutes.

They do say though that they don’t endorse the process as they haven’t tried it out yet and if you do you do so at your own risk but would like to hear from anyone who does, as would we so feel free to drop us a comment if you do happen to try out this Android 2.1 ROM on your Samsung Moment.

Okay that said without further ado head on down below and check out Android 2.1 running on the Samsung Moment for yourselves and let us know what you think…enjoy.

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