Videos: Motorola Droid Secrets Viral Ad Campaign

We have a few videos of the Motorola Droid for your entertainment today, there are four of them in fact and all show certain secret things the Motorola Droid can supposedly do such as change traffic lights and let you know what underwear people are wearing.

The four Motorola Droid Secret Code videos come courtesy of the guys over at intomobile by way of android guys and are all short videos in a viral advertising campaign and are fun to watch but are probably not real.

The first video shows the Droid changing traffic lights so you never have to stop at a junction; the second makes you into a master pool player by showing you the best shot to take, the third enables you to count how much cash a person has on them while the last video is a bit cheeky and lets you scan a girls bra size.

It’s much better if you simply head on down below and check out all four videos rather than reading what I have to say about them, so if you have a few spare minutes hit the play buttons and enjoy.


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