Apple iPhone OS 4.0 keynote online video with Steve Jobs

Yesterday was a very good day with all the news covering the Apple iPhone OS 4.0 Event, and we mentioned a few new features of what this new operating system will include.

You can now watch the Apple iPhone OS 4.0 keynote online video with Steve Jobs; you will need QuickTime and MPEG-4 to watch it.

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs will give a quick preview into the future of the stunning iPhone OS, Engadget yesterday covered all the news running their live keynote blog, but if that is not enough you can watch the video and listen with your own ears.

We will be bringing as much news as possible covering the new iPhone OS 4.0, which will be releasing this summer; Devs can preview it right now thanks to SDK 4 beta.

You can also read the news about multitasking, release date, game center, iAds and the new folders feature, keep coming back we have more. Now visit Apple’s website and watch the Keynote video.

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