Apple iPhone OS 4.0 Hands on review

Today at the iPhone OS 4.0 Event the Apple announcement was breathtaking if you ask us, with many features such as multitasking amongst many other features was very exciting.

Well you will be happy to know that the iPhone SDK 4 beta is now available to download via the Dev Centre and Engadget is downloading it right now on their iPhone 3GS, hey will be giving full hands on review of what they think.

Whilst you wait for us to update you on the hands-on review you will be happy to know they have taken some quick shots that they took from the simulator, the dock is now 3D, which is similar to the one in Snow Leopard and on the iPad and multitasking works just like you’d expect.

Some good features such as the Game Center app is a good addition even though it is there but not functional yet, and the ability to swipe from left to right to see more open apps is a nice touch.

Other features include: Events and Faces in the Photos app, we will be bringing you all the latest news about the new iPhone OS 4.0. Please visit Engadget for the full hands on review that they are working on right now.

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