Apple iPhone OS 4 multitasking in detail

As we all know Apple have announced that they are bringing the very much requested multitasking feature in to iPhone OS 4 for customers later on this year.

The iPhone OS 4 is being talked about everywhere at the moment probably having something to do with the 100+ features that it promises to be bringing with it. The OS4’s beta release includes a Software development kit which contains 1,500 new Application Programming Interfaces, plus much more on route to stores soon.

Thanks to the new Multitasking feature, you can have an easier and much faster access to enable you to switch between applications, so if you are using an application in the iPhone you will have dock like bar available which allows you to view four other applications at the bottom of your screen.

This can be achieved easily just by clicking the Home key and a simple tap on any of the applications gets the application going, and the application previously running is automatically saved in the background.

Apple have claimed that the new multitasking feature in iPhone OS 4 will not impact on the iPhone’s performance or the battery life. In order for this to be achieved Apple have only allowed a few selected processes to run in the background. Multitasking won’t be available for iPhone 3G nor the iPod Touch 2nd Gen Apple have confirmed.

Source – infocera.com

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