HTC Desire SIM free T Mobile only £349

Some would say that T mobile are banking on a lot from the HTC Desire as the Deutsche Telekom company is letting the device go for a mere £348.99 and that’s SIM free.

Those are the latest reports that the price of £348.99 is for a phone which is unblocked and also unbranded. T Mobile seem to be promoting the HTC Desire a lot more aggressively that the rest of the competition out there and it looks like if they carry on this way they will increase their user base rather a lot prior to the merger with Orange.

Currently the mobile phone operator has the cheapest monthly contracts for the HTC Desire, also the cheapest Pay As You Go price for the device and now the cheapest SIM free model just to top it off.

If you are interested please be prepared to wait up to three days for delivery rather than the usual next day delivery but if you go to Mobilephonesdirect as apposed to T Mobile direct you can expect to also receive a free car charger, a 4GB microSD card and as if that wasn’t enough 3 months free insurance. For your information if you look at Vodafone you will see the HTC Desire on PAYG for £379 pr Amazon and Play SIM Free for £439.99

Source – itproportal.com


4 thoughts on “HTC Desire SIM free T Mobile only £349”

  1. martin says:

    Actually T Mobile have just increased the contract price for the Desire. It was free at £30.00 per month and is now £35.00 per month. I paid £129.99 for my phone on an 18 month deal and it is now £191.00, so maybe T Mobile are not offering all of the best deals now.

  2. Guest says:

    I think they mean best deal through mobile phones direct which looks like bst deal

    But Mobile phones direct is not the best company you wont get phone next day and you will spend and hour on the phone to customer services

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