Microsoft Pink Turtle first real picture

Thanks to the guys over at fonearena.com via engadget.com for sharing this first picture of the Microsoft Pink phone otherwise known as Turtle.

Sadly the picture itself isn’t much to write home about because of the quality and also the angle if it wasn’t for the form factor which is pretty unique for the Microsoft Pink Turtle phone we probably wouldn’t even recognise it.

There has been numerous rumours surrounding the Microsoft Pink phone and hopefully those rumours and speculations will become a lot clearer for us tomorrow as there is an announcement which will take place 12th April.

From what’s been spotted so far the Microsoft Pink aka Turtle is the smaller of the two Microsoft devices it has a square design which smooth rounded edges which is a slide phone with a QWERTY keyboard. It is a strange looking device from what’s been seen of it so far. We’ll update you when we hear more.


One thought on “Microsoft Pink Turtle first real picture”

  1. Zack says:

    You know, that email about Verizon with the ‘journey’ beginning Monday, the logo picture at the bottom looks rather turtle-like, and they do claim this is going to be a unique product…

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