Video: AT&T Logo Changes but What About Network?

Well now it would appear that the Big Blue wants to spend their customer’s cash on a little playing around with their logo, but although there’s nothing wrong with changing a company logo, wouldn’t that cash be better spent of improving their network?

Well that’s the question asked by the guys over at gizmodo who also supply us with a video of the new AT&T logo making its transformation which can be viewed below and last almost a minute.

They do say though the only real change to the Big Blue ball is the removal of the “AT&T” caption beneath the blue stripy globe we are so familiar with and the video below comes via under consideration.

Apparently this is all part of AT&T’s latest advertising campaign theme that carries the moniker “Rethink Possible” anyway video is below so check it out and enjoy or seethe over cash going on this rather than network improvements.

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