AT&T and Dell Gear Up to Launch Android Dell Aero

Apparently according to an article over on the statesman, smartphone analysts are upbeat over the prospects of Android based mobile phones but are somewhat uncertain if Dell can take the Android platform and turn it into a business success for a variety of products.

Since last fall, Dell has been pushing their Android based Dell Mini 3 in South America and China, and at the moment Dell’s first Android phone for the US, which is an exclusive with AT&T, the Dell Aero hasn’t hit AT&T stores yet.

Motorola already offers the Android platform via AT&T and it is expected that HTC will also offer Android based mobile phones through AT&T at some point.

Although the Android market does look promising, analysts are still undecided whether Dell will become a successful smartphone player in the smartphone space with iGR analyst Iain Gillott saying, “If they are really serious about getting into this market and building a big business, they are going to have to spend some serious dollars. They have got to get people thinking that buying a Dell phone is a cool thing to do.”

Apparently experts Gillott has spoken to say that the Dell Aero Android smartphone is impressive and slick and while some websites claim to have gotten hold of the Dell Aero, Dell says those prototypes are not representative of the final product.

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