Verizon Shows LG VS740 Aloha, Microsoft One (MSONE) and Two (MSTWO) phones

Looking at the new Verizon inventory system it clearly shows 3 new phones, Phone Arena has two inventory system images that clearly shows the LG VS740 aka Aloha and Two Microsoft phones dubbed MSONE and MSTWO.

Obviously this in not official so please with respect read this article with caution, at the end of the day we only report what our sources report. Anyway if this is all true then it seems Verizon is ready to release these three new mobile phones.

The LG VS740 Android handset has not yet been announced, however it did get spotted by the FCC around about a month ago. The two Microsoft phones aka MSONE and MSTWO seems like they will be manufactured by Sharp, could these be the new Turtle and Pure phones?

Phone Arena made an update on its site saying that a Wi-Fi certificate suggests the LG Aloha that was also leaked as the C710, it apparently features support for Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n. The LG Aloha VS740 should be launched in Q2 sometime. We will keep you posted on the above devices.

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