iPhone OS 4.0 Launch will see End of iPhone 2G Support

I’m not too sure if all these email from Apple boss Steve Jobs that are hitting the net waves are true, but apparently another one has now surfaced to do with iPhone OS 4.0 and the iPhone 2G and it looks like it’s bad news for the iPhone 2G if true.

According to an article over on electricpig some unnamed German iPhone user emailed the chief of the iPhone company and asked if Apple will continue to support the iPhone 2G in future after the launch of iPhone OS 4.0, and apparently received a reply from the man himself.

They say keeping to his usual pattern of short emails from his iPhone, Steve Jobs replied “Sorry, no.” That’s it, nothing else just “Sorry, no.”

So if the email does indeed originate from Steve Jobs’ own iPhone it does look like Apple will end support for the iPhone 2G once iPhone OS 4.0 is released.

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