Nokia Countdown Timer: Twitter shows Ovi Maps and Messaging integration

Nokia has decided to put up a countdown timer to an event that is about to kick off, when we last looked it said 21 hours to go.

If you look at the Twitter account via Eldar from Mobile-Review it says “April 13, Nokia – no devices as I see. Ovi Maps integration with Messaging”

Apparently we will not see any devices mentioned like the Nokia N8 even though we reported earlier on today that it will be released on April 13, but we will hear about Ovi Maps integrated into Nokia Messaging. We know that Nokia will be announcing some devices this month so we will continue to sit on the edge of our seats until this event starts tomorrow.

Tomorrow may indeed be about Ovi Maps integration with Messaging, but like IntoMobile say; there is still 18 days left in this month to see new devices from Nokia being released.

We will let you know more as soon as the event kicks off in 21 hours time, please do post you comments below.


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