Samsung i8910 HD runs 62 apps simultaneously, multitasking heaven

The Samsung i8910 HD has been seen running 62 apps simultaneously, yes, as iPhone owners have to sit and wait for the summer release of iPhone 4.0 and its multitasking capabilities the Samsung phone is shining here.

Seems like Symbian and webOS and its app multitasking is laughing here, the Palm Pre Plus according to Engadget was seen running just under 50 apps at once, but the i8910 HD handset running 62 apps is brilliant.

The Samsung Omnia HD not so long ago also performed very well running multiple applications, below is a video of the Samsung i8910 HD showing its ability to run 62 apps all at once thanks to a special custom ROM by HyperX.

Please watch the video below and let us know what your thoughts are, multitasking seems to be very popular indeed at the moment.

Source — HDBlog.it and All About Symbian

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