Real Reason Why Steve Jobs Doesn’t Want Flash on iPhone

Basically the reason Steve Jobs doesn’t ever want Adobe Flash on the iPhone or iPad is according to an article over on sfgate is that Jobs is holding a long held grudge against Adobe which is probably due to Adobe deciding to focus on Windows some 15 years ago.

They gain their reasoning via way of the Inner Daemon blog and say that there could well be something in there. Apple has hinted they may have technical reasons such as the iPhone hardware limitations, and that Jobs has a distaste of Flash while others speculate it is due to most adverts using Flash and Apple wants to replace them with their iAd solution.

However they do say that knowing Steve Job’s psyche, a much more likely reason could be that Adobe turned their back on Apple when they were deeply troubled and as a result Jobs has never forgiven or forgotten that and has only been waiting for an opportunity to get back.

They conclude that it doesn’t strike them as unlikely that Steve Jobs views what was a perfectly sound business decision back in 1996 as an unacceptable betrayal of Apple and now he can strike back he is extracting vengeance and in doing so is encouraging others not to cross him.

So what do you think, is Adobe Flash being kept off the iPhone simply because Jobs has thrown his toys out of the pram and is extracting some payback with Adobe?


3 thoughts on “Real Reason Why Steve Jobs Doesn’t Want Flash on iPhone”

  1. kevin says:

    Jobs couldn't put Flash off IPhone if he wanted to. Adobe can simply write the app and put on their website for download. Why blame Jobs for it not being there?

  2. Flash is crap, cumbersome and difficult and in the past few years it become even more of a dog, its too easy for programmers to make up some bad code… trying to over do something and bam your trapped in a program loop from hell slowing down everything… ever notice how some crappy ads jam your machine up when trying to load a webpage… now imagine that on your phone… Adobe really needs to rethink the program and how it works… simplify it again like it was when macromedia created it. – I hae to agree with Jobs on it… NO FLASH ON IPHONE OR IPAD

  3. Justin says:

    "If steve jobs says I don't need it then I don't want it"

    Really! That is all it takes for apple consumers to "do without" something.

    Every user that says they don't need Flash because it causes a "program loop from hell slowing down everything" and claims HTML 5, in its infency, is a better technology is drinking Job's BS flavored kool-aid. Like the iPad, HTML is brand new with its share of problems too. If you want to see a "program loop from hell slowing down everything" run a game or something in HTML 5.

    Just a side note:
    The only people who seem to think HTML 5 is going to happen (like today or tommorrow) are people who have little to do with the development or people who since their apple products lack flash capability want to somehow think the market will catch up to their incompatible products.

    Fun fact: 85% of website contain some use of Flash Technology (Mostly ads of course). I really doubt the apple market will force the rest of the world to rewrite the same software using a "Steve Jobs" or "Apple Approved" method.

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