Vodafone reduces HTC Legend to £20 per month

Thanks to the folks over at simbasics.co.uk for sharing this one with us. Vodafone have already reduced the price of the HTC Legend from £25 per month down to £20 per month.

The HTC Android based aluminium cased Legend has only just actually appeared on Vodafone’s online store but has already been reduced probably to keep inline with competitors such as Play.com who have the same phone unlocked for £369.99

You can get the Vodafone free pay as you go sim card inside the Legend and you’ve got a HTC Legend on Vodafone for the cost of £369.99. Although Vodafone were advertising the Legend for free on a £25 per month contract for two years the total cost would have been £600 with 600 minutes, 500mb mobile internet and unlimited texts.

The offer of £20 per month is much more of a bargain where the total cost of the HTC Legend on a 2 year contract equates to just £480 but with just 100 minutes, 500 texts and 500mb mobile internet. Play.com also have the HTC Desire on offer which we reported on earlier today for further information on the Desire click here.

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