Teenager Interest in iPhone is on the up

Apparently according to a new study by research company Piper Jaffary, more and more teenagers are becoming interested in owning an iPhone reports an article over on apple insider, and said study has found that almost twice as many teens are planning on purchasing an iPhone within the next 6 months.

The study was part of Piper Jaffray’s 19th bi-annual teenager survey which polled some 6,000 high school students of which 261 replied to the Apple related survey about their interest and purchasing patterns in online music products and portable digital audio.

Back in the sprint survey of 2009, 8 percent of students owned an iPhone while a further 16 percent intended to purchase and iPhone in the following six months while in this recent survey the iPhone’s share with teenagers rose to 14 percent with planned purchases doubling to 31 percent.

So it looks like teenagers are now more interested in owning the iconic iPhone according to the figures. Are you a teenager planning on grabbing the new iPhone 4G when it finally surfaces if so drop us a comment letting us know.

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