Apple iPhone 4G, announcement coming at 1pm EDT Today

Are we ready for it? There is going to be an announcement today by Apple in relation to the Apple iPhone 4G at 1PM EDT. As we know the Apple iPhone is one of the most famous gadgets that the Apple company produces.

That could all be about to change when they hit us with the new release of the Apple iPhone 4G. There are a lot of very excited people out there just waiting and wondering just what features the iPhone 4G will have.

After the iPad we all now just want the iPhone 4G, the iPad didn’t have a webcam nor Flash player which is a necessary feature for those that want to use the internet as 75% of websites actually require flash software.

According to rumours from June 27th you will be able to purchase the iPhone 4G, there is many new features with this phone with the new OS 4.0 Mobile advertising platform. This is the biggest feature of the iPhone 4G and will enable developers to put advertisements in the software that they will make.

Apple wanted to introduce this feature in 2009 but Google moved faster and acquired the mobile advertising company for the sum of $750 million. Other features that have been speculated is that the new Apple is that it will use one or more applications simultaneously and more unified email inbox. Lets wait until the announcement has in store for us.

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4 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 4G, announcement coming at 1pm EDT Today”

  1. amy says:

    Oh i cant wait! Iv heard theres going to be lots of new apps in store, like not only will it tell you what the weather is like WITHOUT EVEN HAVING TO LOOK OUTSIDE OMG, but it will also tell you what clothes to wear to suit the weather. I love being told what to do obviously, being brainwashed rules! Uh no wait, I just have a regular phone 😎

  2. Hari Seldon says:

    Not sure where you are getting your information, there is no Apple event scheduled for today, yesterday there was an Apple event covering the forthcoming iPhone OS 4 update.

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