Verizon Nexus One No, Microsoft Kin phones Yes

We said, “Will the Journey Begin Tomorrow?” when it comes to the announcement of the Verizon Nexus One, there were rumours of this phone being announced today.

Well these rumours can be buried now, because today was the day for Microsoft. Announced earlier was two new mobile smartphones named the KIN ONE and KIN TWO, so NOT the Nexus One on Verizon.

This means the release date for the Google phone on Verizon is still a mystery; we will obviously keep you updated as soon as we hear anything. The Microsoft KIN ONE and KIN TWO will release on Verizon Wireless early May 2010, Vodafone will get them in Germany, UK, Italy and Spain autumn 2010.

Are you a little disappointed it was the Microsoft KIN ONE and KIN TWO unveiling today and not the Verizon Nexus One? Please vote below

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12 thoughts on “Verizon Nexus One No, Microsoft Kin phones Yes”

  1. Mike says:

    More than a little disappointed…If the Apple suit against HTC is the hol up, Google and Verizon need to say so (if they can). It’s beyond old now.

  2. iwantmynexus1 says:

    you gotta be f'ing kidding me…….no nexus one release date yet…grrrrr….if verizon was a woman she'd be a total F*&%ing tease……what's up with the bs give us the nexus 1 already :-(((((

  3. Annoyed VZW cstmr says:

    They've got until release day for the iPhone 4… then they can take my 8 year old VZW contract and pound it…. VZW has sh!tty phones, everyone else (except sprint haha!) has passed them by… c'mon… seriously, T-mobile has a Nexus One, AT&T has Apple and VZW has…… oooooh… crackberries… *stroking gesture*

  4. Lars says:

    Forget it..I for one will not be a slave to Google…..I will wait for the HTC Incredible. Due for release at the end of April. Has all the same features, dimensions and an 8mexapixel camera. Not only did this whole process piss me off, but I have the feeling it's going to get even more screwy with Google handling all the orders. You heard it here first.

  5. ComeNow says:

    Come Now or Come Never. I'm not going to wait until summer for this thing to come out. If we don't get an announcement by the end of this month, sorry Verizon, I'm going to have to go with something/someone else.

  6. larry says:

    This is ridiculous! Im gonna get the IPhone! Does this reflect Verizon's customer service? They should not leave customers in the dark like this.

  7. mark says:

    the law suit is the hold up. letting the two android phones (nexus & incredible) loose on on verizon is blatantly going against big bad apple. f apple. vz has the best service, it's time to unveil the best phones.

  8. FormerVerizonUser says:

    Wife and my contracts have been up for months and the only thing keeping us with Verizon had been the promise that they would be getting the Nexus One. Well, they just lost us… I'm sick of these games, and I'm sick of trying to hold off my wife and tell her to wait "one more week" (as I have for well over two months now). I'm caving and getting us both iPhones – makes me sick to leave Verizon but if they won't cater to what their customers want I'll go elsewhere.

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