Sprint HTC EVO 4G handset price and accessories, inventory reveals all

Looking for more information on the HTC EVO 4G price and its accessories? Well Engadget has something pretty special.

There is a photo shot of the Sprint inventory that shows the HTC EVO 4G handset price and some accessories to go with it; the price will shock you just a little.

LeakDroid reveals some great shots and it shows that the HTC EVO 4G aka HTC A9292 has a huge price tag of $5,555, the inventory is also showing accessories like the extended battery case, home dock, car dock and coloured silicon sleeves.

Click the source link above to see more shots, must warn you we have been on their website a few times and their site was down, this could be down to extreme amounts of traffic.

Out of curiosity, would you pay the $5,555 price tag for the HTC EVO 4G smartphone?


3 thoughts on “Sprint HTC EVO 4G handset price and accessories, inventory reveals all”

  1. Youneedtoknow says:

    First off it would be nice if people could stop randomly pullings things from places in there body that havent a clue. I am in the cell phone industry.If that was even a real screen shot. It would be a unit price on more then one phone as in a group of phones. There is no handset kit that cost 500.00 Dollars as well Drama queen. For the fact of the phone it is amazing it takes the industry to a hole new level. I feel sorry for every poor sap who did anything they could to get the iphone to find out its scam. Insurance through mac ,have to loose your phone to get it fixed hahaha . Sucks to be you. This phone is going to bring the market to a whole new level.Now I know why sprint had not a care in the world. When verizon started the droid launch. Gotta love the communication world!!

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