HTC EVO 4G Smartphone Accessories Hitting Sprint

It appears that the guys over at engadget have been given some info concerning the HTC EVO 4G which shows that HTC EVO 4G accessories are now hitting Sprint stores, and when that happens normally the smartphone follows not too far behind.

Unfortunately though there’s no mention of any confirmed release date for the HTC EVO 4G, but there are a few accessories that will be available as soon as the HTC EVO 4G lands at Sprint stores.

There’s mention of a HTC EVO 4G dock sporting an HDMI out, screen protectors, numerous gels and cases in several colours along with a few replacement shells, custom design options and a car mount, and a battery charging holster.

The guys also state that there is a mysterious “Segment 1” which will be the HTC EVO 4G’s primary target market and mention of a “Segment 6” which comes into play once the HTC EVO 4G price drops and they presume that Sprint seems to have their target demographics all neatly correlated into numbered buckets.

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