Palm up for Purchase

It was rumoured to be heading that way and now it appears all the rumours were true as according to an article over on enagdget who gained the information via Bloomberg, Palm is placing itself up for sale and word has it offers will potentially start coming in this week.

This new doesn’t really surprise me considering the way things have been going for Palm in the past, their saviour smartphones the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi simply didn’t garner enough interest from the mobile public to save Palm.

But when you also take into consideration that just a few days ago Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein was pretty confident the webOS touting company had a plan to get into profit even though their stock went up and down quicker than a piston.

Apparently Palm has acquired Goldman Sachs and Qatalyst Partners to search out a potential buyer with Lenovo and HTC being named as interested parties while apparently Dell has decided to give this one a pass.

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