Videos: Microsoft Kin The Social Networking Phone

The newly unveiled Project Pink phone from Microsoft, the Kin One and Kin Two seem to be targeted towards the younger generation heavily replying on social networking at its core selling point it would appear.

And just to show just how heavy the Microsoft Kin phone are relying on the social networking aspect and the younger generation, we have a couple of YouTube videos for your viewing pleasure below showing off Facebook on the Kin.

The first Video lets us know that the Kin is the Windows phone born to handle our social life and we follow Rosa on her epic journey to visit all of her social network in person and with 824 friends on he social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and is a long journey of 1.04 minutes.

The second video last just 42 seconds and shows us Facebook on the Microsoft Kin and you can follow Rosa’s journey with the Kin and her social network on Wednesday by hitting up Facebook.com/Kin…enjoy

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