Malware code targets iPhone users wishing to unlock

Thanks to an article over at techeye.net lets hope this reaches lots of iPhone users before they fall victim to the scam. A malware code is targeting those desperate to unlock their iPhones.

The scam goes by the name of Trojan BAT.AACL and has been detected by security chaps at Bit Defender. It targets though an email which offers a link that promises to give you a new version of an iPhone unlocking application.

The unlocking application is said to overcome vendor set network restrictions, problem is those people that eagerly click the link are then directed to a web page which provides the important instructions for downloading the fake application.

After you have downloaded the Trojan then attempts to change the preferred DNS server address for several internet connections on the users computers to 188.210. [removed]. This then allows the creators of the malware to then intercept your calls to reach internet sites and redirect you to their own malware laden versions.

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