Nexus One Hits UK Soon But Issues Are Mounting

This month should see the Android packing Google Nexus One hit UK shores, but the word is according to an article over on uk press releases is that the reported problems with the Nexus One are continuing to mount.

Apparently continued reports on the deformities with the Google Nexus One superphone are still hitting the Google forums and there seems to be no real solution in sight so it may take some time to solve.

However, that said if you are planning on purchasing the Nexus One when it hits the UK hopefully Google will be that much closer to solving the issues with their Android device as apparently Google is working behind the scenes to deliver a fix.

The problem is there is no hard date as to if or when an update to the Nexus One will become available. It would be good if Google could solve all the issues with the Nexus One before it hits the UK but that is probably unlikely at this moment in time.


4 thoughts on “Nexus One Hits UK Soon But Issues Are Mounting”

  1. Aaron says:

    I’m a resident of the uk, I bought the Nexus One.
    I have to say that my phone hasn’t had any problems at all.
    The touch screen is some times off by a minor amount, but it REALLY is not something that is an issue. The phone is perfect!

  2. Geoff says:

    Seems like rumor-mongering to me. I’ve had my N1 for nearly 3 months here in London UK. I’ve had ZERO problems, just plenty of fun from a truly fantastic functional piece of kit and with currently 168 (all free!) apps it does all I want and more. Plus, given previous comment, I’d like to add that IMHO the touchscreen is better than that of iPhone. I’m a very happy bunny, but did I get lucky or is there a lot of crap info out there?

  3. I love the phone BUT there is issues. I'm an android fan so ordered the phone as soon as it was announced.
    I'm with T-mobile UK, biggest issue for me is dropped reception and phone calls cutting off & not coming through at all because of this.

    I have noticed the odd problem with the touch screen lagging but I can live with that, its just the reception issue that annoys me.

    Still better than the iPhone in my opionion!

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