Nexus One problems still and on way to UK will you want one?

When it was first launched the Google Nexus One there were a few problems that were reported actually quite a few.

Mainly the problems seemed to lie in the bad or poor 3G reception and also calls cutting out half way through a conversation. Another reported complaint was that text messages never got sent and also the touchscreen was unresponsive that’s on what’s been sold so far.

Now it is on it’s way here, yes the Nexus One is rumoured to be with us here in the UK some time this month. It is a little worrying or concerning to say the least as it seems the problems with the device are still occurring and so far nothing seems to be able to sort to problems out.

Don’t be too disheartened though if you are considering buying one when they land in the UK as Google are apparently working behind the scenes on a fix for the issues which have been reported since the launch.

Sadly though there is no date for when the update is expected to arrive, obviously we are all hoping that Google will have the problems resolved before the phone gets to the UK as the potential is there if you look beneath the bugs. Question is will you take the chance and get one anyway or wait for confirmation that the bugs have vacated? Let us have your comments and feedback.
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8 thoughts on “Nexus One problems still and on way to UK will you want one?”

  1. Will I get one? I’ve had one since january, and have not experienced any of the “bugs” the yanks are moaning about. It’s simply a great phone backed by a great innovative company.

  2. Andy says:

    I’ve had one since January as well. 3g great, no calls cut off and no texting issues. If the problems were really that bad as the media has hyped them up to be why is the phone still being released in the UK? Get one in and see for yourself.

  3. Mike says:

    I agree with Chris. Great fone, no problems at all. Fantaatic to use, but there are lots of google haters out there wanting this to fail and it seems bad news travels faster than good news.

  4. JohnG says:

    No issues with mine – which I bought in the UK – so it's already here, but I found I needed to develop my touch. The HTC Desire also available now.

  5. bogwood says:

    Had mine since end of feb and I never fail to be impressed by its capabilities. It is a stunning bit of engineering and works really well in all respects.

  6. Jess B says:

    i live in texas and i bought the nexxus one a couple of months ago. My phone's keypad is unresponsive and the screen toggles relentlessly. It sucks. 50% of the time I cannot use it. Buyer beware.

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