HTC Desire Tweet for Free on 3

Mobile network 3 has recently announced some exciting news surrounding the HTC Desire.

The HTC Desire is launching on 3 and what’s more is you can Tweet for free as Twitter comes free for ever. Regardless of which phone you happen to have, regardless of what time it is 3 Mobile customers will be able to tweet to your hearts content.

And soon on a HTC Desire also. Twitter is no longer a part of the data usage allowance on 3 Mobile, which means you can tweet, retweet, tweet again for as long as you like and whenever you like. Even on PAYG as well as contract devices.

The HTC Desire will launch soon on the network as a non branded version on the 20th April, this means if you wish to you can join another network such as T Mobile, Vodafone or Orange where the Desire is already up for the taking.
Source – simbasics.co.uk

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