Samsung M1 exclusive to Vodafone for PAYG customers

Here is some good news for Samsung M1 fans on pay as you go with on Vodafone. Vodafone have announced the launch of the Samsung M1 which is exclusive to the company and now customer interested can choose this device.

The handset which is exclusive to Vodafone is ideal for those customers that wish to have control of a prepaid tariff rather than option for a pay monthly contract or agreement.

The Samsung M1 can be purchased for just £80 with the Vodafone 360 service which gives 30 days of inclusive web browsing and also £50 worth of either minutes or texts or a combination of both.

The device has a built in GPS so people can use the handset to take a picture and add your exact location allowing your friends and associates to no exactly where you are. It has a 3.2 inch touchscreen display and a 3.2 megapixel camera. For those not interested in the PAYG option you can snatch the phone for just £15 per month on contract.
Source – mobileoffers.co.uk


3 thoughts on “Samsung M1 exclusive to Vodafone for PAYG customers”

    1. 360 Man says:

      Contract sim cards do work on the phone however you have to contact help and they will give you a number to dial on the phone which will remove the pay as you go settings. I thought that but then I was relieved by vodafone, however one person at vodafone was not helpful saying there is nothing you can do but trust me there is! I have the samsung m1, it was on PAYG but now my contract sim is in it and is working normally after wiping it.

  1. Besim says:

    Hi to all i would like to know how can i use Network Browsing on Samsung M1 since i bought it in Kosovo since i live here but the only problem that i have with Samsung M1 is that i can't use it with other Sim Card cuz here we don't have Vodafone Shop's. is there any solution to this to fix it or no.

    Thanks to all and Sorry for my English.

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