Will Verizon stay on the Android bandwagon or choose Apple dollars instead

Thanks for a recent article over at phandroid.com which gives some useful information in relation to Verizon and Android and the possibilities for the future.

We are all aware that Verizon originally passed in the first iPhone more than likely due to what they felt at the time were unacceptable money terms. Their decision instead was to back the first touchscreen BlackBerry Storm which proved to be a good decision for them.

However, over the last 6 months or so it looks like Verizon have completely redeemed themselves, throwing themselves whole heartedly into Android and enjoying a massive boost as a result of it.

So what happens now? The launch of the iPad and of course numerous rumours stating that Verizon could grab an iPhone, will Verizon’s support of Apple products have an impact on Android? don’t think for a minute that this means Verizon is getting the iPad as that isn’t the case, but Verizon knows that the iPad would be a massive success and of course they want to some way capitalize on the phenomenon and who can blame them?

It seems that what Verizon are attempting to do is use the opportunity to promote Verizon Mi-Fi where you can have your very own Wi-Fi hotspot virtually anywhere with a low monthly premium. As we know at the moment Android is earning the bulk of Verizon’s ad dollars with the launch of the HTC Incredible on route we can only assume that they will continue this path.

If the carrier does determine the iPad and potential iPhone are too good an opportunity to let pass them by how much of the advertising will be for Android? Share your views and opinions with us.

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