Verizon HTC Incredible more info leaked image gives price

Here’s a little more information for all of you out there that have been following very closely any update or rumours and leaked pictures or documents surrounding the HTC Incredible handset.

The handset is said to be landing very soon on Verizon this month, and thanks to a recent article over at product-reviews.net we can share with you a leaked image which gives a potential retail price for the Incredible.

The image is from Best Buy and is an inventory link which shows a HTC phone with the code as BBY21LD and states due to land soon. Although this isn’t confirmed as yet it is assumed that the BBY could relate to Best Buy and the 21 LD could mean 21st launch date? Sounds rather promising wouldn’t you say.

Now the phone has been given a price of $599 which would mean that Verizon calling and also data plans for the HTC Incredible are likely to start somewhere around $200 – $250. Now another rumour was that the HTC Incredible would be announced tomorrow, although we doubt that of course we cant be sure what do you think share your comments and views with us.

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