Pre Plus and Pixi Plus has Palm got enough left to be successful?

Palm as we know has experienced a few problems in the past few months including very disappointing sales figures from the Pre Plus and also the Pixi Plus with Verizon Wireless.

There has even been some rumours that the company may even be sold. People are wondering if Palm does have a future or not and if it does then what would it look like. Chief executive Officer Jon Rubinstein spoke with Fortune’s Adam Lashinsky.

When asked about the rumours of a suspected buy out Rubinstein skirted the issue and replied that Palm has $590 million in the bank, and a plan to take the company into profitability. He did however admit that the company would need to be frugal in order to survive.

The disappointing sales figures from the Pre Plus and the Pixi Plus on Verizon, Rubinstein suggested that one of the major failures was the insufficient training of Verizon’s in store sales staff. Rubinstein’s solution is that he has dispatched brand ambassadors into Verizon stores to help train staff on WebOS and Palm products.

There is also speculation or rumours on whether or not Palm has a new phone or a major update for WebOS included in part of its plan, although Rubinstein wouldn’t give anything away on that subject although he claimed and defended WebOS calling it “arguably the best mobile operating system out there”. He did make it quite clear that he does believe Palm can turn things around and become successful again. What are the chances of that though? Do you think Palm still has a future or not let us have your comments.

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One thought on “Pre Plus and Pixi Plus has Palm got enough left to be successful?”

  1. rene says:

    the best thing palm can d right now, is design a brand new hardware, with enough screen to compete with the rest,webos is excellent, but hardware sucks, so just make a dam good phone and you'll see.

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