HTC Incredible May Go With T-Mobile and Verizon and Priced

The high end Android packing HTC Incredible smartphone is for all intents and purposes is destined for the BIG Red network but as yet a firm release date seems to avoid us. However it appears that Verizon Wireless may not be the only carrier that gets the HTC Incredible.

According to an article over on brighthand, a new report over on phandroid has it that the HTC incredible smartphone appears on CostCo’s product database with it stating that the HTC Incredible will be offered by T-Mobile.

This of course could simply be a clerical error, but it could also mean that both Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile will offer the HTC Incredible and that isn’t too far fetched.

Now for some much awaited HTC incredible pricing, apparently the entry on CostCo’s product database has the HTC Incredible priced at $199.99, but whether that is the pricing for Verizon or T-Mobile or both is unknown.

Lastly the rumoured release date for the HTC Incredible is still April the 29th according to a leaked Best Buy internal document as they too are apparently going to offer the HTC Incredible.

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