HTC Looking to Make their Own Mobile Phone Operating System?

HTC manufacture numerous smartphones for the mobile arena including the Nexus One, HTC EVO 4 G and Verizon HTC Incredible, and the latest rumour is that HTC may acquire Palm and their webOS smartphones, but relying on outside companies to supply operating systems for their phones isn’t the way to go.

According to an article over on gizmodo who gained the info via Bloomberg, HTC is contemplating whether they should make their own mobile operating system for their smartphones rather than relying on OS’s like Android and Windows Mobile.

HTC are no strangers to working with user interfaces as they often come up with custom user interfaces over the OS supplied with a smartphone, so making their own operating system should be too difficult.

As it stands though the CEO of HTC says they “continue to access” whether or not to make their own OS and apparently have a “few conditions to justify” before going ahead with the project.

So what do you think, should HTC make their own operating system, purchase Palm and use webOS, or simply stick to custom UIs and making smartphones/


3 thoughts on “HTC Looking to Make their Own Mobile Phone Operating System?”

  1. wcrumpler says:

    WebOS is awesome just wish the pre and pixi could handle it without all the lags and freezes. Could you imagine how smooth it would run on an Evo.

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