Adobe May Fight Back with Apple lawsuit

Apparently Adobe has just about come to the end of the line concerning Adobe Flash and Apple keeping their software off the iPhone as according to an article over on pocket-lint, sources suggest the Apple/Adobe relationship is going to get uglier.

Apparently an article over on itworld suggest that Adobe is preparing a lawsuit against Apple after Apple’s changing of their iPhone SDK which now bans cross platform compliers and thus bans Flash and targets Silverlight C#.NET.

However, currently all Adobe is saying is “We are aware of the new SDK language and are looking into it. We continue to develop our Packager for iPhone OS technology, which we plan to debut in Flash CS5.”

If Adobe does mount legal action against Apple over their changing of the iPhone SDK I’m not too sure what grounds Adobe would have for such a lawsuit, but as with all mobile phone suits nothing is ever logical; more as and when we hear.

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