Can the iPhone 4G create same rage as Apple iPad?

One name “Apple” two products “iPhone 4G” and “iPad”, two devices causing such a stir around the world, the iPad has already caused a rage when it was released to the public in USA, no doubt it will be the same in the UK.

We would love to know if the new iPhone 4G, iPhone HD (What the name will be no one knows) will cause the same rage as the Apple iPad. Device Mag has said something very interesting, they say that the next product from Cupertino could be a problem, the iPhone 4G is just a name and not with 4G speed, apps will help but the new iPhone will need these new features.

The iPhone 4G features will hopefully include a front-facing camera, newer design and much more, we already know it will be getting the much-wanted multitasking thanks to the new OS 4.0.

If Apple is after the same magic in stores and of course with consumers that the iPad gave us then surely the new iPhone 4G, iPhone HD whatever the name will have to be feature-rich, new design, and something special like a June 22 launch date.

Please answer this simple question “Can the iPhone 4G create same rage as Apple iPad?”


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  1. JM Berlet says:

    There is too much speculation that iphone 4G/HD whatever will or will not come out. To all of those who say it will not meet the expectations of consumers and the release date will be pushed back, all I have to say to you is, "Do you not take into effect anything that has happened before?" It is an obvious reoccurring pattern that iPhone is not what we want but we still throw our money at apple to get one, rumors about what we want, then rumors about what it will "have" then rumors about release dates, then rumors about it being threatened by some other phone company, then rumors about it not living up to expectations and how we should hate it. happened for the 3G, and 3GS. So shut up and just listen to what apple will do rather than worry and cry about it. And seriously, if we think other phones are going ot beat, then turn around and admit there are things we dont like about it, then why did you get one? Why do you look so eagerly towards the next update in hopes for something that satisfies your spoiled brat needs? Iphone is a PHONE! let apple do what it wants and stop whining about all the hype out there. Of course it will have as much rage as ipad…it never fails…it has before and will again!

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