Microsoft Kin will go to Vodafone

As we have previously reported on the Two new Microsoft devices known as Kin One and also Kin Two we thought we’d update you thanks to an article over at ukpressreleases.co.uk

It would seem that Microsoft have sought help from Vodafone in relation to the launching of the two new Kin handsets. The Kin’s are manufactured with nice sharp features and include a touchscreen and also a slide out keyboard.

The devices are said to be a little more impressive and fashionable than other Microsoft devices and is aim at today’s generation of consumers. Kin offers a range of features such as live updating from social networking sites giving you the opportunity of streaming live photo’s in and out.

The Kin has two designs the square format is the Kin One and the rectangular of the Kin Two both have the slide out keyboard and touchscreen displays, you can gain access easily to social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook.

A statement made by Vodafone’s Patrick Chomet states that the main aim of their intuitive is to fulfil all the customers requirements by offering a great range of Smartphones with the best experiences. Vodafone are also going to help Microsoft provide the best services with their high speed mobile broadband network. We’ll keep you updated when we have more information on price etc.

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