Motorola Inc unusual volume could mean stock about to make a move

Motorola option have seen an interesting call in activity today, according to an article over at marketintellisearch.com. A total of 1,856 put and a huge 16,587 call contracts have been traded raising a low put/call alert.

It is said that the unusual volume could actually be providing some clues that the stock may be about to make a move. And potential investors can use the put/call ratio statistics in order to measure trader sentiment.

A high put/call ratio clearly suggests that an overall investment sentiment is bearish and that could mean that investors expect to see the underlying stock to decrease in its value.

Shares of Motorola closed at $7.42 in the previous trading session and have opened today at $7.40 and Motorola settled the day down $0.01 to $7.41 in the trading session. On the side of the volume 23,271,540 shares were traded which is actually less than the average volume of 33,979,000 shares.

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