AT&T Network Does Not Carry Most Data Claims ABI Research Report

As the Big Blue is the only carrier in the US to have the iconic iPhone they do like to claim that they carry the most wireless data traffic than any mobile carrier; however a recent ABI Research reports says otherwise reports an article over on pcworld.

According to the ABI Research report in 2009 it was Verizon Wireless and Sprint which carried more data traffic than AT&T thus pushing AT&T into third position. The report found that Verizon and Sprint carried together 63% of the US mobile traffic data with each individually carrying over 16 billion more megabytes than AT&T.

Although AT&T did have the most activated mobile devices in 2009 admits ABI analyst Dan Shey, but more devices doesn’t necessarily mean more data traffic as data traffic ois most affected by laptop mobile data connections.

Apparently ABI Research predicts Verizon will continue at the top data slot for the next 5 years and AT&T will managed to grab the number two slot by the year 2012. The report also says that virtually all operators will see their mobile data traffic levels “increase eightfold” during the period of 2010 to 2014.

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