Verizon iPhone: Will Apple stay Loyal to AT&T?

We love this article with its title “Verizon iPhone: Why is Apple so loyal to AT&T? very good question product-reviews and we will give our opinion.

All the talks and hype about a Verizon iPhone is really causing a stir at the moment and rumours of a new CDMA iphone for Verizon is on the cards, but as usual these are just speculations. When the Apple iPhone was born in 2007, Verizon was offered to carry it but they refused and this is when AT&T stepped in.

Yes AT&T hold the exclusive contract with Apple, and this contract is due to end this year, no one knows for sure if Apple and the Big Blue will sign another exclusive deal, who knows. What you have to say to yourself is “Why has the iPad been offered to AT&T?”

Now when it comes to the question of will Apple stay loyal to AT&T, we would have to say from our hearts ‘NO’, Verizon did refuse Apple back in the day but new business surely has to happen, a negotiation will come to light and a new deal will happen that will see Verizon with the iPhone, it is ethical that Apple and Verizon should join hands as this would make a lot of consumers happy.

Apple and Verizon need to sort something out, there are many sites out there covering news about this and it only seems fair that Apple and Verizon should give customers what they want, forget loyalty this is business and sales make money not loyal friends.

So please readers answer this question for yourselves “Verizon iPhone: Will Apple stay Loyal to AT&T?”


3 thoughts on “Verizon iPhone: Will Apple stay Loyal to AT&T?”

  1. Jeanie says:

    AT&T should keep the iphone its been going good so far and verizon had the chance and they blew it. Im my opinion they should update their network and get off the CDMA system.

    1. This is true what you say Jeanie, but there are millions of customers out there, both AT&T and Verizon that would love the iPhone with VZ.

      Verizon did miss out on signing with Apple back in 2007, but both know that the iPhone with Verizon will be very good business sense indeed.

      Thankyou for your comment Jeanie.

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