Video: Meego 1.0 Shown off by Nokia and Intel

Back at Mobile World Congress Nokia and Intel announced their joint venture to combine both the Nokia Maemo and Intel Moblin UI, and now the first samples of Meego 1.0 have surface on the net and we have one such sample of Meego 1.0 in action for you today courtesy of recombu.

Nokia and Intel’s Meego 1.0 seems to deliver a fairly clean, fresh user interface that utilises tabs to group differing zones that deliver quick and ease access to such things as internet, contacts and applications while social networking has been integrated into the homescreen while using task bar alerts for IMs.

They also say that the integration with myriad devices reminds them of Android’s universal operating system, and also say it will be some time before we see the full user interface running on a dedicated Meego mobile phone.

Anyway without further ado the video which comes via the guys over at engadget can be viewed below so head on down and check Meego 1.0 for yourselves.

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