Firefox Ported to WebOS Pre But Not As Good As N900

The mobile version of Mozilla Firefox, Fennec has been around for some time now but doesn’t appear to have broken into the smartphone arena with much success, and up until now the only smartphone that enjoys an official version of the Fennec app is the Nokia N900.

However according to an article over on soft sailor, who gained the info from oximoronical, Mozilla developer Dave Townsend has manged to port Firefox for mobile e.g. Fennec to the Palm Pre smartphone.

They do say though that this can’t be regarded as an alpha version of Fennec as it is somewhat unstable and won’t help you very much as the Palm Pre’s Firefox was ported from Android and thus not stable.

They aren’t too sure if the code was lifted from the Nokia N900 version if it would be any different but it looks like it will be a long time before anyone sees a stable version of Firefox for webOS.

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