HTC Desire HTC Sense UI Walkthrough Video

Now here we have a desirable video walkthrough for your viewing pleasure that takes a nice long look at the HTC Sense user interface on the Android 2.1 OS packing HTC Desire smartphone, and comes courtesy of the guys over at pocket now.

Just in case you’ve forgotten, the HTC Desire is the twin to the Google Nexus One but packs the HTC Sense UI whereas the Nexus One doesn’t, but much of the other specs are the same as the Nexus One, 3.7 inch WVGA AMOLED touch screen 1GHz Snapdragon processor and so on.

The HTC Sense UI on the HTC Desire Walkthrough video can be viewed below and lasts almost eight minutes of Sense UI goodness and the reviewer says that the HTC Sense UI on the HTC Desire delivers the best homescreen experience in their opinion.

Anyway rather than go on and spoil your precious viewing time I’ll stop there and let you head on down for a nice gander at the video…enjoy.


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