iPhone Guru Steve Jobs Answers Email Over International iPad Delay

We all know that Apple in their infinite wisdom have delayed the international rollout of the iPhone’s sister device that big old iPhone look-a-like the Apple iPad, and over in Europe there are quite a few who are shall we say, annoyed at the delay.

An article over on gizmodo reports that one such Swiss fan was so annoyed at the announced international delay of the Apple iPad that he sent an email to the Apple CEO and virtually accused Steve Jobs of “deliberately pulling the wool over the rest of the worlds eyes.”

Apparently although the fan didn’t expect a reply from the iPhone chief, he got an email from Jobs saying “Are you nuts? We are doing the best we can. We need enough units to have a responsible and great launch.”

So there you have it a few choice words from the man himself as to why they have delayed the international iPad, but the longer they delay the closer it gets to the launch of the new iPhone 4G or whatever you wish to call it, and that could well affect sales on both Apple devices.


4 thoughts on “iPhone Guru Steve Jobs Answers Email Over International iPad Delay”

  1. Free Speech says:

    “Are you nuts?”…..Classic ! Thats gonna be my speech to anyone who interferes in my business from henceforth. The ranting Swiss deserve to be smacked back into their tiny place anyways.

  2. Stephen says:

    After having been asked by reporters at the iPhone os 4.0 keynote, as to if the 3g version for America and international launch for wifi would be delayed Steve replied No at the end of the month…

    3 days later and it’s getting delayed, because of unexpected demand. I find this hard to believe after so much hype about an apple tablet plus the amazing iPhone sales that apple didn’t expect big things with the ipad.

    Those big things haven’t seem to have happend with poor reviews and not much turnout on the first day at apple stores, I think theres something else to this delay possibly the wifi problems people have been experiencing.

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