iPhone to offer concert ticketing, via iTunes

We have got some information which seems to be quite a comprehensive blueprint for selling and managing ticket sales for gigs and sporting events. And the good news is that apparently Apple have secured the patent for it.

The basic idea is that the tickets will be sold via iTunes and then synced with an application to an iphone that the user can then scan in order to gain entry to an event. The name of this is reported to be called Concert Ticket+ although not just for sales of concert tickets.

It will be used for the sales of conferences, sporting events, gigs, amusement park entry, museums and pretty much anything else that you can think of that you would have to pay for in order to gain entry.

The patent also makes a provision for bundling of some exclusive content such as live recordings, song lyrics and even refreshments within the price of the e ticket. There is no word yet though on when we are likely to see Concert Ticket+ but one thing for sure is it will only boost Apple’s already strong position.

Source – mobile-ent.biz

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