New iPhone HD 4th Generation Images or not?

A nice way to start the last day of the week with some images supposedly of the new iPhone 4th Generation HD. Thanks to the folks over at sizlopedia.com via macrumours.com for this article.

There are some interesting leaked images that appear to be the 4th Generation iPhone HD, one thing that is rather interesting from the images is that they reveal that there is no LED Flash on the back which does give a little cause for concern as it is strongly believed that this will make an appearance on the new iPhone.

Also there has been some speculation as to whether or not Apple may be intending to bring the aluminium unibody enclosure as we have seen previously on the iPad, iPhone and also the Macbook.

Text on the reverse of the image indicates that it is a 64GB model and text includes Apple’s traditional “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China” Sadly the images are not of a high standard of quality and the second line of the text is unreadable, which would or should contain the model number and also the FCC and IC and ID numbers. It has been revealed that the metadata for the images have been tampered with so they could be fake or could they? Share your thoughts with us


2 thoughts on “New iPhone HD 4th Generation Images or not?”

  1. Frank in Beijing says:

    If you cannot read the FCC and IC and ID numbers clearly, then the phones are fake..probably made in China and not designed by Apple. Please confirm with Apple HQ.

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