iPhone 4G Car Kit to come with OS 4.0

The question on the top of most peoples conversation in relation to Apple is in relation to the arrival, but what’s more interesting is whether this phone will also mark the advent of an Apple branded car kit.

The pre release beta of the iPhone OS 4.0 which has spurred this new prediction, the beta version contains rather an interesting application that could be used solely to control an Apple device when in a motor vehicle.

This feature in the iPhone OS 4.0 has been dubbed “iPod Out” and it can be used with the iPod Accessory Protocol in motor vehicles. Potentially there is a strong chance that exactly the same feature could be used in an Apple branded Car kit, where the user can dock his iPod and the iPhone in order to gain access to the onboard audio libraries.

This potential car kit could even include a video screen display, although there is no concrete connection between the iPhone 4G arrival and this custom car kit the fact that they will both arrive together will surely keep those Apple cravers eager.

Source – devicemag.com via appleinsider.com


One thought on “iPhone 4G Car Kit to come with OS 4.0”

  1. It will be interesting t see how the new interface allows the iPhone to interact with the vehicle. However i'm sure this news will not have the big impact that everybody seems to crave. There have been iPhone / iPod car kits that integrate into the vehicles stereo system for a long time. In Fact Dension have been producing them for at least 5 years, Secondly although apple control the firmware on the iPhone, creating software to support multiple variations of stereo stereo firmware for each model of each vehicle is a huge job, something that apple is already way behind the competition in comparison. More Information herehttp://www.ipodcarkitdirect.co.uk Its where i bought my kit from.

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